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Italian Focaccia Bread Course

Italian Focaccia Bread Course

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Italian Focaccia Bread Digital Course

Learn how to make authentic Italian focaccia bread from a former Italian culinary student with help every step of the way.

No need to hop on a plane and fly to Italy every time you want a fresh, delicious piece of focaccia bread. I’ll teach you how to make an authentic version right in your own home! You’ll have the smell of freshly baked bread streaming from your oven in no time!


  • - The in’s and out’s of how to bake bread at home.
  • - Science behind the principles of bread baking.
  • - Tips for making authentic Italian focaccia bread that you won’t find around the internet (this is straight from my culinary school training in Southern Italy).
  • - The importance of each ingredient in focaccia.
  • - Tips for helping your focaccia properly rise.
  • - How to store and reheat focaccia (this is perfect if you want to freeze bread to eat later).


  • - 5 step by step videos on how to bake different varieties of authentic focaccia bread including a "classic" focaccia bread, rosemary and garlic flavored focaccia, a Puglia style focaccia with tomatoes, and focaccia Barese.
  • - Printable recipes for each style of focaccia along with recipes for garlic and rosemary infused extra virgin olive oil.
  • - 50+ minutes of step-by-step instructional videos.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How many recipes are included in the digital course?
  • There are 6 bread recipes and 2 infused olive oil recipes included in this course.

  • Is there any special kitchen equipment I need?
  • You’ll need a stand mixer (with a dough hook and paddle attachment), along with mixing bowls, and sheet pans. There are a few other pieces of equipment that could be helpful, but these are the main ones we will be using.

  • I’ve never made homemade bread before. Do I need any special knowledge for this course?
  • Nope! I’ll teach you everything you need to know (from start to finish) about how to make homemade bread including walking you through the process for making the dough, how to know when the dough has risen, shaping the bread, and baking/storing the focaccia.

  • Can I print out the recipes in this course?
  • Yes, you can easily print a copy of all of the recipes upon purchase.

  • What if I have questions along the way?
  • Don’t worry, I’ll be there to help! You can send me a message on Instagram or Facebook and I’ll do my best to answer your questions and guide you along the way!

  • Does the course include metric and U.S. volumetric measurements?
  • Yes, every recipe in the course includes both metric weight measurements (grams/milliliters) and U.S. volumetric measurements (cups/teaspoons).

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