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Savory Macaron Fillings eBook

Savory Macaron Fillings eBook

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Learn How To Make the Best Savory Macaron Filling Recipes

Do you need homemade savory macaron fillings that everyone will love? Are you bored of the same sweet macaron fillings and you're looking for something new? Have you been searching for unique and fun savory macaron flavors to spice things up?

The Savory Macaron Filling digital cookbook can give you access to reliable savory filling recipes that are well-tested so you know they’ll turn out perfectly the first time you make them.


  • - How to make reliable and delicious savory macaron fillings.
  • - Be inspired by new and creative macaron filling flavors with a savory twist.
  • - Find the best savory macaron filling recipes all in one easy and convenient recipe book.


  • - Have access to 5 great tasting savory macaron fillings.
  • - Easy-to-follow (no fuss) recipes.
  • - Classic savory macaron filling recipes you’ll want to make over and over again.
  • - A well-tested French macaron shell recipe.
  • - An exact guide for how to mature & store macarons.
  • - A digital copy of this eBook.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How many recipes are included in the digital cookbook?
  • There are 5 savory macaron filling recipes included in the cookbook, along with my well-tested French method macaron shell recipe.
  • Are the recipes in the digital cookbook shelf stable?
  • No, unfortunately, all of the filling recipes in this cookbook require refrigeration.
  • Is there a printable version of the digital cookbook?
  • Yes, you can easily print a copy of this digital cookbook upon purchase.
  • Does the digital cookbook include metric and U.S. volumetric measurements?
  • Yes, every recipe in the cookbook includes both metric weight measurements (grams/milliliters) and U.S. volumetric measurements (cups/teaspoons).

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